July 2008

How I increased Google PR for a 2 month old site

Google's recent PR update has been good for a lot of sites. Two months back i launched a new Health Directory for one of my clients. I was surprised to see a PR 2 after the recent new Google PR update. Generally it could take between 6 - 8 month for a new site to get PR [...]

Blog Mastermind is now Live

Yaro's well know Blog Mastermind Mentoring Series is now live. I had attended his previous mentoring program, it is one of the top few programs I recommend to you. I must admit that when I started off with I was a bit frustrated as how basic the course was since I had been blogging for sometime. However the [...]

Do you have a SEO friendly WordPress url structure

What is a friendly url for your blog ? How important is a structured url for your wordpress blog ? How easy is it to structure it from your Wordpres admin panel ? These are some of the questions that I ve been asked often for wordpress blogs. A SEO friendly url structure allows the [...]

Win a day Brainstorming with Joel Comm in Colorado

 Joel Comm is one of the pioneers of the world wide web (he built his first site in 1995!), co-creator of Yahoo! Games, author of the New York Times Best Seller "The AdSense Code" and Executive Producer of the world's first competitive Internet reality show "The Next Internet Millionaire", I try to keep an eye on [...]

Alborz Fallah Spills the Beans

Alborz Fallah, is a student of Blog Mastermind Coaching, a successful coaching & mentoring program run by Yaro Starak and owner of a million dollar blog CarAdvice.com.au, his blog was recently valued at $ 5 million. Alborz's story is fantastic and it shows you can start a blog from nothing, focus on a passion and [...]

90 Must have “WordPress Ping list”

Distribution of content is the best way to get more traffic on your blog. Wordpress has an inbuilt updater to notify others that you have updated your blog.  The updaters notify and ping their proprietary indices with your updates. Users surfing Technorati , Sphere and other services can now find your recent blog post.  By default wordpress sends [...]

Google Closes in to buy “Digg.com”

This is no suprise as Google moves in to finalise the deal to buy Digg for close to $ 200 million as the search giant continues to expand its news services. Digg was launched in 2004 by a group of young enterpreneurs in US and is one of the top new aggregators. Should the acquisition go [...]

Problogger - Secrets of Blogging your way to a Six Figure Income is a book written by two well know bloggers, Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. The book is very well crafted and organised that even a newbie blogger can easily understand the topics. The book is targetted to the new blogger who wants to know [...]

Yaro Starak, a professional blogger who makesover $5000 USD per month from his blog, has just launched a brand new"Conversion Blogging Video"for people who want to earn a full time income from blogging part time. The "Conversion Blogging Video"is a free download, that will give you step by step instructions and details he used to become [...]

Market your blogs with Firepow Blogging Software

As blogs and blogging become more popular , how to monetize traffic from a log or a web site becomes an even more important aspects. Every week we get new tools and new plugins that are being developed. In this review I am going to talk of Andrew Hansen's Firepow Blogging Software , its a very [...]