May 2009

During a lot of interviews, I've always been asked what blogs I read and recommend to people who want to be a blogger. I always have one common blog in the list - aka Darren Rowse. Darren has been an inspiration to me and a hero to many bloggers. is an encyclopedia of [...]

What does Larry Page Think about Twitter ?

Twitter's exponential growth has had big brother Google lose sleep over its inability to index real time search results. Its not only the big wigs at Google who are worried about Twitters growth but also its founder Larry Page is worried about Google's inability on real time searches. No wonder it pitched hard to buy [...]

Google launches Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool

To protect web users from malacious web pages Google recently announced the release of a safe browsing diagnostic tool. With this tool Google has taken safe level browsing to the next level, they have build large scale infrastructure to automatically determine if web pages pose a risk to users.  To use the tool, just append a URL to the [...]

ComScore just released its worldwide numbers for April 2009 on top social media sites and their traffic details. As per the above chart and web traffic numbers the little guy named Twitter is no more the little guy on the internet. Twitter has been experiencing exponential growth since the last three months, from 10 million monthly [...]

SEO Marketing by Digital Third Coast

Location makes a BIG difference to your business and bottom line, it's a fact that where your store was located made the difference in how much your business earned. The more people enter your store the more sales you'll make. In the online world, a high search engine rank is more powerful than the prime [...]

Oprah is now the fastest millionaire on Twitter (fastest with one millionaire followers on Twitter), in less than a month after joining Twitter and sending her first tweet, Oprah Winfrey has reached 1 million followers. She has sent only 42 tweets in this one month all of them via the Web. It was a silent [...]

If you have been Tweeting , you would have seen conversations ( also known as Tweets on Twitter ) that include a # symbol before words, the # symbol is called a hashtag and its a great way to link conversations on Twitter and build a community of like minded people. But how do you [...]

"Now is the time for people who care, who want to invent, who have skills in specific scientific and information technology areas to get out there and add to the productivity of the economy", Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft speaks to a packed auditorium at Stanford and shares his optimism for emerging innovation in the [...]

10 reasons to select a good Web Hosting provider

If you have a web business or are in the process of launching one it's important that you select an affordable and reliable web hosting provider. The web hosting provider of your online business can make a difference between a successful website and failure, it's that important. Below are the 10 things you need to [...]

The Membership Site Mastermind is Live

The doors to Yaro Starak's amazing new Membership Site Mastermind course have just opened up. It's only open for a week, so I suggest you have a look right now and claim your spot now. What is in the Membership Site Mastermind About a week ago, I blogged about Yaro's new Membership Site Mastermind that [...]