June 2009

Become A Blogger is now open ( only for 5 days )

Blogging Gurus Yaro Starak and Gideon have just opened the doors to their coaching program, Become a Blogger course. If you don't have a blog yet or are just getting started this is the best coaching program available to you online. This program is also for bloggers who are serious about building a profitable blogging [...]

This Web Marketing Blog is Now PR 4

It looks like Google did another PageRank update yesterday and I notice a jump in PR for this Web Marketing blog. I also noticed a few of my internal pages have got an increase in Page Rank. Google seems to be increasing its frequency of PR updated, there has been about three to four PR [...]

How to Become A Blogger – A Roadmap

My Blogger mate Yaro Starak teamed up with Gildeon to launch The Roapmap to Become a Blogger, a 72 page step by step guide to becoming a professional blogger. The Roadmap to Become A Blogger is now available for a FREE download, so make sure you download this FREE copy now. I am told its [...]

RIP – Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009)

Michael Jackson, one of my favourite music artists and the biggest pop icons in modern history, has passed away at the age of 50. The news was confirmed by news media and music channels all over the globe. Michael Jackson’s YouTube channel – celebrates the 25th anniversary of Thriller – includes all of his most [...]

Microsoft to spend $2.25 billion a year on search

Steve Ballmer's is on a battle front in the online search engine market with the launch of Bing, he has made his intention very clear that Bing will be a serious contender to Google and Yahoo's share in the search market. Microsoft's share of the US searches is about 8 % , a distant third [...]

Ultimate Blogging Theme Coupon Code – Save $20

A couple of months back Carl "Kidblogger" Ocab, the 15 year old blogger and the founder of the Ultimate Blogging Theme for Wordpress provided TWELVE coupon codes for the readers of this blog. This morning when I was talking to him, he reminded me that there were only FOUR coupon codes left. The coupon code [...]

Tweeters Go Green in support of Iran elections

Twitter has emerged as the platform of choice for infomation about the recent political unrest that has gripped Iran. With International media banned from the streets of Tehran in wake of the recent elections, some Irananians have turned to the real time social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flick and Youtube to ensure facts get [...]

Search Marketing for WordPress Blogs by Matt Cutts

According to Matt Cutts - Head of Google's Webspam Team, if you want your blog to rank well on Google's search engine you must use Wordpress. Matt recently mentioned at WordCamp SF that Wordpress takes care of about 80 - 90 percent of SEO mechanics. He gave a SEO presentation that spans 50 pages and [...]

Google Sitemaps Updates for Webmasters

Since the launch of Google Webmaster Tools its team has been working on updates and how to tutorials on using sitemaps. Based on the research highlighted in this sitemap crawl study (pdf), which showed how search engines find new and changed content faster with sitemaps, webmasters should take note. Google and the other search engines [...]

Last december, we blogged about Dell crossing $1 million in sales on Twitter, via its @delloutlet on Twitter. According to company officials at Dell, its presence on Twitter has earned it more than $2 million in revenue. The Dell company blog explains, "Since we started back in 2007, we've not only earned more than $2 [...]