July 2009

Learn Affiliate Marketing with Affiliate Classroom

There are very few Affiliate Marketers that I respect, Anik Singal comes in my top 5 list of great affiliate marketers and a brilliant internet marketing whiz. Anik Singal was one of BusinessWeek’s Top 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs in the US for 2008. As you probably already know, Anik is the CEO of Affiliate Classroom [...]

This Web Marketing Blog was started in June 2008, as the blog started to gain traffic I decided to offer the best possible value to my readers. I've decided to change the blog theme and recently purchased the popular Thesis Wordpress Theme. I am excited to power this blog on it. Why I choose The [...]

Twitter Cleans out Spammy Followers

Twitter recently announced that they were working to clean up spammy accounts and data inconsistencies. Every since Twitter's traffic exploded , its become a soft spot for spammers. If you have been on Twitter for a while you would have seen your follower count fluctuate drastically. The reason for the fluctuation is Twitter's initiative of [...]

Essentials of a Great Blog Post

This is a guest post by Prachi Mehta If you think that blog writing is similar to giving a speech then you should re-think. No doubt the fundamental remains the same and also, you try to attract a particular set of audience in both the cases but blogging requires more research and a firmer grip [...]

Amazon acquires online retailer Zappos for $850 million

This came as a surprise to me and a lot of other web marketers and online players. Amazon has acquired Zappos for $807 million in Amazon stock and $ 40 million in cash and restricted stock. Zappos has been one of the most respected and fastest growing ecommerce business in recent years. Zappos started off [...]

Tips for Successful Business Networking

This is a guest post by Ricky Petrson Successful businesses have strong pillars made with a mixer of support, co-operation, will-power, challenges, motivation, team power and hard work. Business decisions doesn’t come to one single point unless there is good communication in the company, how much ever big or small your company, you got to [...]

Have you downloaded WordPress 2.8.2 ?

Wordpress has just released a security update, if you are running Wordpress 2.8 or 2.8.1 you should immediately upgrade to Wordpress 2.8.2. The Wordpress team has been working on regular upgrades and security features to help secure your blog from hackers. According to Matt, " WordPress 2.8.2 fixes an XSS vulnerability. Comment author URLs were [...]

Canada Pokes Facebook says Comply With Our Privacy Laws

The largest social media site, Facebook has got into a privacy tangle in Canada. The Canadian privacy commission report released on Thursday says that Facebook breaches its privacy laws. According to the report, Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart at a press conference in Ottawa accused Facebook of retaining user information after uses have closed their [...]

Affiliate Theme Coupon Code – Save 15 %

15% promo code! – ONLY FIVE THREE DISCOUNTS LEFT! My Blogger friend Nathan from the Wordpress Affiliate Theme has been kind to give FIVE coupon codes for the Affiliate Theme to readers of this web marketing blog. The coupon codes will save you 15 % on your order. The Affiliate Theme has been developed by [...]

Microsoft launches BingTweets.com

While Google has been hinting about integrating real time search results for its organic searches, Microsoft has gone a step ahead and launched BingTweets.com. BingTweets is an integrated search platform that combines results from Bing and Twitter. This is one of the most awaited search integration since the term "real time searches" became an instant [...]