January 2010

This is a guest post by Josh Turner, who is producer/host of CampingGearTV.com, a new video blog featuring camping gear and accessory reviews. Contact me if you are interested to guest post on this blog. When my buddy and I started our video blog in late November, we spent a good deal of time deciding [...]

It's a myth that only "make money" blogs or "How to make money from blogging" blogs actually make money. The fact is that you don't have to be a "make money" blogger or a blogger in the "make money online" -MMO niche to be successful. If you are looking to build you own blog , [...]

Why some blogs make good money while others don’t?

Why some blogs make good money, while others fail ? This is a question you must have asked yourself a few times, especially at the initial start up stage of creating your blog or while studying top blogs in your niche only to find that not all of them make money. My friend David Risley [...]

FREE Download: Six Figure Blogger Blueprint

I met David Risley at the Affiliate Summit last year and we have been in touch since then, not many of you know that David makes a staggering SIX FIGURE INCOME each year from his blog business. he officially announced that his last years income from his blogs was close to $ 1,50,000. If you [...]

Take the Google Webmasters SEO Quiz

Google has set up a few SEO questions to test skills of SEO professionals, if you consider yourself to be an SEO professional or have an inclination towards search engine optimization, you need to check out the SEO test from Google Webmasters Team. Some of the questions are relatively simple to answer, but the majority [...]

Working with words from Copywriting to Transcreation

This is a guest post by Christian Arno, contact me if you want to guest post on this blog. Globalization is a key component of many modern businesses. Once upon a time, targeting international markets was reserved for big companies with big budgets, but with the advent of the internet era, the smallest of home-based [...]

Online Profits opens its doors after almost a year to new members, if you are looking for an online training course mentored by top internet marketers and bloggers that teaches you almost every possible detail that you need to know to make a full time income from home, then you need to have a closer [...]

Owning a blog is a great feeling when you can use the blog to help the underprivileged. The web has been used very effectively as a medium to connect charities and missionary with the rest of the world. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have only helped such causes to go viral and bridge [...]

SEO Rank Monitor – Ranking & Monitoring your website

When you have a web business you can't ignore the importance of search engines and the process of optimization. SEO is a very dynamic and evolving aspect of web marketing, its too important to be ignored. SEO process should start as soon as you start the architecture and design of your website. There are a [...]

My blogger mate Daniel Scocco of Dailyblogtips just released a FREE Download Titled - "10 Deadly Business Mistakes You Should Avoid". The title itself is very interesting, Daniel has focused on mistakes that are inevitable while running a business. If you have a blog or a web business you need to have a look at [...]