February 2010

Thesis Theme Discount: Only for the next 48 Hours

Only for the next 72 24 hours According to the recent changes in Terms & Condition by the founders of Thesis Theme, no re-seller can offer a cash discount or a coupon discount for the sale of the Thesis Theme from 1st March 2010. As a re-seller of the Thesis Theme, we respect and honor [...]

How did you do in the Google Webmasters SEO quiz ?

Google has released answers to the Google Webmasters SEO Quiz that was launched last month on Google Webmasters forum. The objective of the quiz was to provide some clarity on the common issues users ask about in the Webmasters Forums You can check the answers to the Google Webmasters SEO Quiz . I highly recommend [...]

Romow Directory: Trusted Web Directory since 2006

Web directories used to be one of the sure shot ways of getting a good page rank and being ranked in Google, but that was back in the early 2000, Google has constantly changed its algorithm in the last 6 - 8 years, today it gives little relevance to web directories in terms of SEO [...]

When life throws lemons at you, make a lemonade

What will you do if you get laid off today ? Do you have a Plan B for survival, majority of us don't ? More than 65,000 advertising professionals lost their jobs last year,not a lot of them had Plan B. Lemonade is an inspirational movie about 16 advertising professional who when laid off last [...]

My Affiliate buddy Jonathan Volk launched a step by step guide for aspiring affiliate marketers titled - Affiliate Marketing 101. He generated over $ 4 million last year in affiliate sales and know what he is talking, he is the right person in case you wish to learn affiliate marketing. It's a free download, all [...]

Thesis Theme Coupon $ 30 – Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer: Get $30 Discount on the Thesis Theme Thesis Theme is one of the top themes for wordpress bloggers and online publishers, it has a very solid backend frame work to support any sort of customization to your wordpress blog. The Thesis code is very clean, thus making it SEO friendly. This blog [...]

My interview with Successful Bloggers eBook

I was recently interviewed by Evan Hadkins for his new book - Successful Bloggers Ebook, that features six successful bloggers. The book is available for FREE download and is a good read if you are looking to get the right mindset to build a successful blog. What is different in Successful Bloggers eBook This eBook [...]

Download WordPress version 2.9.2

Wordpress released its 2.9.2 version, it seems like a security update for the wordpress CMS system. There does not seem to be any major changes in the admin panel with this update. However I recommend you to update to the latest version to avoid your blog being hacked. I've noticed that the version 2.9.1 had [...]

Six Proven Ways to Monetize Your Expertise

If you've been around the 'make money online' bloggers for any period of time you will have more than likely heard the expression "position yourself as the

Dominate Search Engines with Pro SEO Blueprint

Kevin has come up with a resourceful SEO book for beginners, if you are looking for information on how to optimize your website or blog for Google, I recommend you to check out Pro SEO Blueprint. Kevin suggests techniques that can help you rank high on Google. The book comprises of six parts and gives [...]