October 2010

2010 Top Halloween Costumes

If you still haven't decided what you are going to dress up as for Halloween, then let Google help you decide with the top Halloween costumes for 2010. fastest rising costume searches in 2010, followed by Avatar, Iron Man and Lady Gaga costumes. If you are a blogger or an internet marketer you’ll probably be [...]

Gathering customer information online is a smart move for any business. Customers prefer the efficiency of an online form rather than answering personal question on the phone. However, Internet users tend to protect their online time and will not fill out just any old form. If you approach your information gathering in the right way, [...]

What NLP Can Teach You about Blogging

No matter what topic you blog on, you want to be clear and complete. You can choose words that paint a picture and help your reader see exactly whatever concept you are presenting. You will avoid picking words that make it harder for others to grasp your meaning. In short, you practice NLP. NLP stands [...]

Build a Million Dollar Online Empire with Anik

Anik comes in my top 5 list of great internet marketers, at the age of 25 he was one of Affiliate Classroom has grossed more than a million in less than a year. His other very successful ventures are PPC Classroom in 2008. - Since 2005 Anik's companies and products have sold more that $32 [...]

5 Twitter Tips You Haven’t Thought Of

If you want to followers will start to notice and view this request as non-authentic. I suggest you use it most for those posts that aren’t RT friendly – such as non “How-Tos” or simple commentary pieces. The “Please Retweet” function will help provide a good boost. 2. When you notice your content being spread, [...]

Make Money Online with PLRWP Video Membership Sites

If it wasn't for wordpress you would not be reading this blog or any other blog. Wordpress has changed the way we do business online. According to the Wordpress counter, Wordpress 3.0 has been

8 Be-Willing-To’s That Will Lead to a Successful Blog

On the last day of one of my editing classes in blogging for a while and have seen limited success, you should mix things up a bit. Try posting about topics you’ve never covered before. Comment and guest post on blogs that you’ve never been to before and never guest posted on before. Try a [...]

What Makes a Blog Successful?

It’s a question that many people would like to have the answer(s) to.  After all, the proliferation of blogs—giving way for an entire new cyber-term, the ‘blogosphere’—is one of the main engines for the expansion of the successful blog.  At the most basic level, creating a successful blog is much the same as creating any [...]

Print Quality Business Cards for Less with PrintRunner

If you've confirmed your registration for a networking conference and have run out of business cards then you are not alone. A majority of professional run out of business cards and remember it only on the day of the conference or a business meeting. It happened to me recently and it does not feel good [...]

5 Creative Ways to Utilize Cloud Storage

There are lots of cloud storage groups out there today. With it's January 2010 update to Google Docs, the search engine giant stepped onto the field; Dropbox is becoming increasingly popular; and Microsoft has advanced servers designed specifically for cloud purposes. Alternatives for cloud storage abound, however, many people are only using this space to [...]