March 2011

5 Tips to Increase Your Traffic with Twitter

I've had an addicting fascination to twitter for a long time; particularly starting when CNN would scroll tweets live across the bottom of the TV leading up to the 2008 U.S. Presidential election. During the time since signing up I have used the service to find content, people of interest, promote content and drive traffic [...]

Winners of the Buffer App Contest

We recently ran a Buffer App makes your life easier with a smarter way to schedule tweets. It works out all your tweets at one point in time during the day. You then fill up your Buffer with your tweets and Buffer schedules them for you. Simply keep that Buffer topped up and you will [...]

5 Tips To Make Seriously Good Affiliate Marketers

Are you into affiliate marketing? Do you want to be a seriously good affiliate marketer? This is a field where doing the right thing matters a great deal. Incorporating the right, successful affiliate marketing strategies into your business can greatly improve your chances of becoming a successful and well-known specific niche market, and then focus [...]

Getting accurate analytics data can be a real challenge for affiliate marketers, since the actual conversion typically happens on the merchant's website, not your website. This means that you usually cannot track Google Analytics techniques affiliate marketers can use to capture valuable data and make decisions to improve their ROI. 1) Track Email Signups Most [...]

Get $75 in FREE Advertising with Google Adwords

I received a few emails from readers based on David Murton's guest post on Google Adwords FREE coupon , to create an account. Step 2: Request for a FREE Trial Step 3: Google will review your details and send you a coupon code via email within a few hours. There's is no minimum budget required [...]

How to Create Titles that Work to Attract Clicks

A routine article/blog post consists of at least 400 words while a standard title doesn't stretches out to more than 8 - 10 words, however, the 8 words in the title can make an even stronger impact than the entire 400 words in the article. Doesn't matter if you are writing an article, blog post, [...]

How to Write a Compelling Landing Page

A landing page ( also called a writing schools available that can make it easier. Many landing pages are linked through landing page available for indexing. Use “robots meta tag” or “robots.txt directive” for others. This is to ensure that search engines don't think you're trying to spam them with Thesis Theme framework is one [...]

Tweet scheduling was yesterday – Start Buffering

Retweet this post and Win 5 Premium Buffer accounts worth 90$ each If you are a heavy twitter user, chances are that you have tried out several additional twitter tools already. Be it twitter clients,

Limited Time Offer: Get Adsense Secrets for only $17 – NOW LESS THAN 48 12 HOURS LEFT ! For nearly six years, AdSense Secrets has been the definitive guide to making money with Google AdSense. Thousands of people have read this ebooks and implemented Joel's strategies for generating passive income with their websites. I had [...]

6 Common SEO Problems that Need Immediate Action

Not everyone enjoys the benefits of good SEO. Many of us, mostly because of lack of knowledge, commit mistakes that made our SEO campaigns ineffective. I have personally experienced declines in the rankings of my old and present websites. Although we can say that low link building is a continuous process. If you lack links, [...]