April 2011

How to Go Viral with your Blog the Easy way

There’s a reason that viral marketing works on the internet much better than any medium before it and that’s because it’s so cheap to share and distribute information. And at a basic level that’s all there is too it, you’re creating something that people will want to share. So maybe it sounds simple but here [...]

How often should you blog?

This is a very common question that might be asked by a blogger sooner or later. Some people blog daily while some might choose to do so once or twice weekly depending on the schedule. In my opinion there is not a right answer to this question since there are so many different variables that [...]

4 Key PPC Web Analytics Metrics You Should Consider

PPC is an important strand of your web analysis. One of the cool things about PPC data is that you don't need a lot of history to draw conclusions from it - a few weeks is enough time to give you an idea of how well a campaign is performing. Google Adwords data is included [...]

6 Easy Ways To Get Your Articles Read

There are those who dread writing. It seems like a lot of work -- especially if no one reads it. To the end user, reading an article can seem like a lot of work too, especially if it is boring or badly written. Since articles are supposed to be read and their whole purpose is [...]

Woo Themes 20% off Easter Weekend Promo

I want to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter. Thanks for all your support and for still being on this journey with me, your support means a lot to me. This blog would have not been possible with you. Check out the Woo Themes Easter Weekend Promo

Content has always been regarded as the “king” but thanks to the indisputable importance of back links, it always gets the treatment of a lowly official. For quite some time, it were back links that get all the protocol, whilst the content remains a king that people acknowledge quite half-heartedly. Google Panda update has been [...]

Make stunning ebook Cover Designs with MyeCoverMaker

A book is judged by its cover - you must have heard this many times. In the online space an ebook is judged by its cover. Cover Sells. Period. As a blogger if you are selling or giving away a

First impressions always last - whether it comes to people, foods, or websites. If the layout of your website is unorganized, most people will automatically get a bad impression and leave after a short amount of time. How you choose to organize your website affects how people will respond and interact with it. While many [...]

What You Should Know About Google Canonicalization URL Issues

Canonicalization can be quite a complex area for webmasters. Internet marketers who design their own websites can be bewildered too when encountering this issue for the first time. Let’s take a look at what is canonicalization and how you can use it to solve URL problems. Canonicalization is the process of standardizing URLs. Sometimes a [...]

Blogging can be fun, but a lot of "wanna be bloggers" have pre-conceived notions about blogging. These notions or myths restrict us from starting a blog and missing out on the fun of blogging :) Below are 6 common blogging myths Blogging is expensive With the availability of open source blogging platforms such as connect [...]