June 2011

Google Launches WDYL.com for All-in-One, Useless Experience

Google launched a new site called What Do You Love?. Google released the site, accessed at www.wdyl.com, without publicly acknowledging it. The site offers a unified experience for a variety of Google’s offerings in widget-like forms. Upon visiting, the user is prompted to simply type in what they love and search around 20 of Google’s [...]

Google Page Rank Update – June 2011

This morning Google rolled out a new Page Rank (PR) update, the last one was in December 2010. Each time Google does a Page Rank update it causes a lot of grief to bloggers and web owners. I was particularly worried about this page rank update, as a lot of top blogs and sites were [...]

The internet is ubiquitous. Suddenly providing services doesn’t have many barriers, and a valley girl in Orange County California can interact with a Filipino, Indian, or Chinese citizen. Stigmatism of outsourcing work: Unfortunately many people correlate outsourced work with migrant workers, poor quality, and something that isn’t patriotic. What one must realize is these people [...]

How many times have you seen a YouTube video in the last week? How many times did you see that video without being on YouTube? In other words how many times did you see a YouTube video either as the subject of a news broadcast or embedded our website. Face it, they're everywhere. Did you [...]

Working for Yourself is Hard: A Short List of Grievances

I'm brand spankin' new to working for myself, and it's harder than I thought. I've spent some quality time with my self-employed brethren (and other hipster-folk) in 47 San Francisco cafes, running my business one day at a time, and 94 lattes later, I have a few grievances I'd like to air. 1. Calls are [...]

5 Ways To Incorporate Facebook Into Your Blog

You managed to get a blog off the ground and now seek to create and grow a Facebook presence. A smart move considering that Google mightily favors the social media giant, plus becoming a part of Facebook is a fantastic way to engage your market. If this describes you, let's take a run down on [...]

Darren Rowse ( aka Problogger ) just released his third ebook on blogging. His first book Your First Week in Blogging , a perfect guide for bloggers who are looking to start their first blog or advance bloggers who are looking for ideas to start their second or third blog. Darren released his latest book [...]

How to Implement Your Blog into Social Media

gain readership and expand your exposure. Here are some actions you can take to help implement your blog into social media so you can increase your reach immediately. Understand how your business will benefit from the blog Before you can successfully launch your blog, you will need to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Facebook, YouTube [...]

The Essential List of WordPress Add-ons

If you’re thinking about page load speed of your website. Not cool. To help save time in your own plug-in exploration process, I’ve listed what I consider to be the essential collection of Wordpress add-ons and tools that I couldn’t live without. In other words, this is my essential collection. Intense Debate to help prevent [...]

How to Write Stream Of Consciousness Blog Post

While this probably isn't the type of post you would want to crank out regularly for your blog (unless you're really avant-garde), a focus your thoughts on the themes of your blog (though some may call this editing). Here's some helpful tips to get the ball rolling: Minimize disruptions blog post you don't need to [...]