September 2011

How to make money on Facebook and Twitter

It is no surprise that the social networks online are the highlight of many peoples days. It has become a need more than a hobby. Millions have spent hours tweaking and changing their pages to match their personality, update their friends and families and attract new friends and followers. With all that time spent, wouldn’t [...]

Get 50% Discount! – ONLY Five Two Days LEFT! Yaro's Blog Mastermind, the largest and most comprehensive Blog Mentoring Program on the web that mentored hundreds of students (including me) is closing down forever. This is a coaching program to help you make an easy four figure income from your blog working for 2-3 hours [...]

7 Simple Tips to Make Your Business Web Site Attractive to Clients

Your web site, especially its home page, is a face of your company. It is extremely important for small businesses and the number of clients depends on the impression your web site made on them. Here are 7 tips how to make your web site more attractive and easy-to-use for its visitors. 1. Simplicity is [...]

First Law Of Success – Find Your Yoda

No matter what your chosen profession in life, you would be remiss to shoot for the stars without having some one around to tell you that you could reach them. Even more important is having some one who can show you how. Can you imagine how different events would have played out in Star Wars [...]

Increase Landing Page Conversions – Here’s What Works

You stare blankly at the landing page of your website. It is hard to believe that even after spending thousands of dollars on such a great landing page for your PPC campaign it never got the desired leads. You've probably got everything right on the page for readers to convert, except a few minor elements [...]

New Facebook Timeline Profile – How to Enable it Now

Facebook rolled out some awesome features at the recent F8 Facebook conference. While it will take a while to make these features available for all, but if you are super enthuse about enabling your Facebook Timeline profile Read On... A few simple steps mentioned below will help you enable the Facebook Timeline feature for your [...]

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that the 50% discount on Problogger's ( aka Darren Rowse ) latest new Blogger's Guide to Online Marketing Kit ends in less than 24 Hours. You can buy it today at $49.99, tomorrow the price goes up to $99. ‘The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing’ [...]

Using Coupons to Promote Products & Services on Your Blog

In the present marketing environment, coupons have taken on a life of their own. Coupons are very prevalent, especially among younger consumers. One of the main reasons for this is that the availability of and convenience of couponing via mobile, the internet, in-store and via multiple access points. BIGresearch established that 9 out of 10 [...]

FREE Download: Blog Profits Blueprint

My blogger mate, Yaro Starak just released his new FREE Download - Blog Profits Blueprint. As the name suggests it a blue print to help you make profit from your blog. Yaro, is an authority on blogging, he has been one of the most sought after blogging mentors. I first met Yaro in Toronto about [...]

Social Bookmarking is a brilliant way to flood your site with traffic and visitors. But what is Social Bookmarking ? How can you start participating ? How do social bookmarking sites work ? Automatically, most of web users are participating in social bookmarking. Tagging, saving and sharing the interested links is simply Social Bookmarking. Social [...]