June 2012

Google’s 10 Minute Video Guide to SEO Basics

With the Pandas and Penguins out of the cage, SEO is becoming a tough playground. The search game is constantly changing, Google's Webmaster Central Team gives you a lesson in SEO basics. Some of Maile's tips include: - Verify your account with meta tags for search results, don't waste your time on them. - Have [...]

5 Tips For Using Social Networks Effectively To Build Your Brand

Building your brand with online marketing is just so powerful, especially if you have yet to build an online presence. There are so many people who struggle at times because they really want to get their business on the net, but they lack the knowledge and help to get started with internet marketing. There are [...]

Good Morning Sunday: 8 Secrets of Success

Just like happiness, success means different things to different people. Success had been defined very differently by different people. We have covered successful people on this blog and what success means to them. In fact we have a separate category here about success called why only some of us succeed while other don't, why is [...]

How to handle Negative Comments on your Blog

While most commenters are nice and polite, you can't take for granted that all of them are so. There are some who can be pretty obnoxious. For a new blogger (and quite often seasoned bloggers too), these comments can be disheartening. A few bloggers that I know of had even reputation and trust. Privatizing your [...]

How To Making Money Online Using Digital Photos

Many people wonder if they can actually make money from their digital photos. The fact is that digital photos have the potential of generating some income. However, the level of income will vary depending on the quality of your photos, their uniqueness and your selling skills. The first thing you need to do is set [...]

Google has been keeping webmasters on the very tips of their toes with regards on how they capitalize on SEO since they introduced Panda in their search engine ranking algorithm. When the Penguin (what is it with Google and animals?) rolled in, many websites that were optimized using spammy techniques and black-hat practices got penalized [...]

It's Father's Day this weekend and we pay tribute to the most important and the most special man in our life..our role model, our hero, our inspiration....our Father. 1. Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. - Anne Geddes 2. Every father should remember that one day his [...]

Top 10 Common Fears Faced By Online Entrepreneurs

In life, you have been surrounded by fears and fears are something that will hinder you to progress more. There are many types of fears that are holding you back from taking action. Encountering setbacks isn’t game over There are always ups and downs in life and it doesn’t mean that your life is over [...]

Do you fear that upon visiting your website one day, you’d be greeted with a message left by a hacker on the site? God knows how long the message has been there and how many people have seen it. It might still be OK if your reputation has just been tainted for a while but [...]

Xeround: Create your Free Cloud Database

Cloud Computing is not a buzz word anymore its moved into main stream and is being used very effectively by a number of companies. Cloud computing helps clients move their systems on the cloud ..as they say. Or in layman terms, it enables companies to reduce the cost of ownership ( ie. Database, Servers, infrastructure [...]