January 2013

5 Smart Ways to Keep Visitors Religiously Visit Your Blog Everyday

My Cousin was once the managing Director of a shopping mall that later became one of the best shopping mall in our locality. During her tenure as the MD, the shop did very well in sales. In fact, sometimes, their sales went up to over $5,000 a day in profit until a bad incident struck. [...]

4 Quick And Easy Ways to Generate Killer Content

Killer content is highly influential, informative and inspiring content that attracts numerous readers and fetches thousands of likes, tweets etc, through social plugins. It floods your site with positive comments and interesting and innovative content still rules the online world. Quality content generates more leads for your business and also helps in establishing your authority [...]

America celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this week - Martin Luther King (MLK) was an American activist and a well know figure in the African - American civil rights movement. He gave one of the most influential and powerful speeches as an activist - "no gain without struggle.” “Lightning makes no sound until it [...]

Extra WordPress Blog Security Tips to Watch In 2013

Yes, I am a blogger, have been for a long time and won’t stop a long time ahead. Anybody who pretty much does anything online tend to have a blog; no matter how small. If so, you know what it feels thinking you may wake up one morning to Timthumb code (whatever security hole that [...]

8 Tipping Points to make 2013 the Breakout Year for your Blog

Blogging can be powerful marketing, but merely having a blog doesn’t make you a marketer. So, if your blog isn’t pulling in traffic, why do you publish it? Like most things, blogging requires a certain threshold of activity before it starts to yield any discernible results. Here’s how to find your tipping point and make [...]

"When it seems impossible, when you think nothing's going to work, you're usually just a few millimeters away from making it happen" - Anthony Robbins How many times Anthony Robbins. The 9 minute video gives a brief and a make things happen, he reveals how he went from having no money, no education ( except [...]

Being Connected is the New Marketing Strategy

Last week, technology companies from across the globe gathered together in Las Vegas to show their flashy devices and services at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES.)  Amid the glowing, flashing displays of slick technology there was a clear theme.  Get connected. The message is clear.  cloud computing, social media, and personalized marketing that makes a [...]

10 Signs Your Computer Has A Virus

There are times when your computer starts running poorly or doing strange things for no apparent reason. These problems can often be caused by your computer being infected by one of the many viruses out there.  If you’re worried about your computer read through our list and check out our advice for identifying warning signs [...]

How would it be to dive into the mind of a successful business owner. Dig deep for success secrets, probe him to spill the beans. It gets exciting when Sir Richard Branson answers a volley of questions posed by LinkedIn members on various aspects of business, entrepreneurship and LinkedIn influencer program, where you have the [...]

Top Eight Myths About Affiliate Marketing

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, there’s no shortage of resources available online. The widespread availability of such information is one of the reasons that just affiliate marketing is so easy to get into. One problem with the wealth of information available online however is that not everything that everyone says about setting [...]