November 2013

Integrating Social Media Campaigns with SEO

With the maturation of Google Penguin, some questionable SEO practices will fade away. Some people who used to engage in SEO in the past are wondering how to proceed.  While some SEO tactics that worked in the past are likely to fail in the next few months, or they have failed already, other techniques will be [...]

Five Effective AdWords Campaign Management Tools

To millions of retail websites, the Google’s AdWords pay-per-click advertising program is a cost-effective way to reach a large number of customers. Large businesses using the advertising platform can target thousands of keywords at a time. Understandably, these advertising campaigns can get unwieldy. While AdCore is a popular premium AdWords campaign management tool. For small [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Which Wolf Have You Been Feeding ?

An old man once told his grandson, "There is a battle between two wolves inside all of us. One is Evil (it is anger, jealousy, greed and resentment), and the other wolf is Good (it is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and compassion)." The boy asked, "Which wolf wins?" And the old man [...]

8 Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Not all men are born alike – there are certain characteristics that set some men apart from others. This is true when it comes to successful entrepreneurs. In this article, we explore 8 common traits found in entrepreneurs who have successfully left a mark in their chosen field. 1. Being careful about reputation: A good [...]

7 SEO Tips To Help You Outrank Your Competition

So let’s say you have already set up a blog for your business. What should you do next? Competition is always going to be a part of doing business, especially online. Everyone is trying to take a piece of the market for themselves, so you will need to fight back to out-rank them and keep [...]

Meet Tah Riq Amaw, a multi talented artist who found himself "stuck" in a foreign land. Having a 3-D Animation degree, a $23,000 a year income and student debt. Feeling trapped and hopeless about life...Until he met someone who changed his life or rather changed his belief forever. How powerful can your mind be when [...]

4 Common Technology Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Business and technology are now so entwined that no matter what industry the company is operating in, technology will have some impact on the success of the business. Unfortunately, many small business owners are making technology mistakes, often without realising it, that are having a detrimental impact on the success of their businesses. Here are [...]

Good Morning Sunday & Wish You A Very Happy Diwali

Today is Diwali. A Hindu festival celebrated across the globe with lights and sweets. The name Diwali is a contraction of Deepavali which means 'row of lamps", it marks the triumph of good over evil. In India the festival is celebrated over 5 days. Diwali marks Hindu New Year. The right time to make a [...]

What changes happened in SEO after hummingbird update from Google

Google is known to embark with a number of updates and algorithm changes. These changes are simply meant to improve the quality of search results and could be called as a positive thing in terms of the searchers over Google and other search engines. However, if you look at the perspective of webmasters and SEO [...]