January 2014

3 Basic User Experience Tips To Improve Your WordPress Blog

As technology continues to take giant strides and marvel us, we are trying our very best to keep up, and rather, grab a little more than we can chew. Leveraging the advancements to our advantage, it’s time to rise to the moment and do justice to our ambitions. And what better way to ride the [...]

In today's Good Morning Sunday series, we feature an awesome video with His Highness - The Dalai Lama. In this 8 min video The Dalai Lama gives us his view on what is happiness ? It's important to understand what is happiness only then can you work towards achieving it. According to The Dalai Lama [...]

Matt Cutts, the man that heads the Google webspam team (of course you know him), said last week that guest posting should not be used to gain links. According to him, you shouldn't be guest blogging - its considered as spammy. So, if you've got a blog where you accept guest post ( like on [...]

10 Immediate Things-to-do after Fresh WordPress Installation

WordPress is the first choice for every blogger. I have been using it since 2011 and even today, I come across little things and I exclaim: “I wish I knew this before”. There are things which you would wish to know before starting your WordPress blog. Therefore, bookmark this guide and follow it in your [...]

5 Ways to Get Your Guest Post Published

Guest blogging has been one of the most popular trends these days in the marketing realm. It is used to get higher traffic, boost authority, drive sales and helps your business or advertisement to be known to people around the world. No wonder there are a lot of people who are trying this out. Guest [...]

Good Morning Sunday: 11 Ways to be remarkably average

If you've if not heard of Chris Guillebeau then you haven't yet started living the life you love. Chris wears a lot of hats - he's an entrepreneur, a personal development guru and an avid traveler. He travels the world teaching average people to do great things. How awesome is that :) Through his blog [...]

How to Manage Your Ecommerce Website More Efficiently

When you first thought of running an e-commerce site, all you could think about was the money. While there is plenty of it to be made, there's also plenty of hassles to go around. After you've met all of the regulatory requirements for running an online business, you then have to contend with a multitude [...]

Happy New Year It's the first Sunday of 2014 and it can't be a better day to ask questions that will help discover yourself in 2014. My friend Vishen shows you a simple way to ask yourself three important questions that will help you set goals in 2014. Whatever your goals... personal, spiritual or business [...]