February 2015

Twitter has announced the launch of it's official wordpress plugin for blogs and websites on wordpress. The plugin offers a suite of twitter related applications that include twitter cards, embedded tweets and video. the tweet share button, analytics, twitter advertising and a base library. The plugin is available in 28 languages and is aimed to [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Look Who’s Going to Mars

In 2024, 4 humans will go to Mars..... In 2012, the non profit "Mars One" announced plans to colonize Mars, also know as the Red Planet. More than 2,00,000 people from across the global applied for spot in the four seater space shuttle. It's a one way ticket, those who go will never return to [...]

How Blogs Get Missed out on Account of Facebook’s Organic Reach Organic Reach? - For those of you who don't know or haven't heard of Facebook’s organic reach, it can be simply explained as a means to blog content on Facebook and other social media sites. And quite frankly many of these very same people [...]

Good Morning Sunday: How To Be Happy in Life

All of us need to be happy, happy people lead to better productivity. In this brilliant Ted Talk Harvard professor Shawn Anchor tells us why being happy should be important to us and how happy people make happy nations. In the video he tells us 5 things we can do to be happy. Have super [...]

5 Easy Ways to Add Newsletter Subscribers on Your Blog

Worried that you do not have enough newsletter subscribers on your newly set up or already existing blog? Well there is nothing to be alarmed about. There are many ways in which you can improve this situation. However the important point is to keep up with it constantly. Remember newsletters are not seen using search [...]

"Very few people with Down Syndrome will ever be able to sing" - Down Syndrome Education International. Madison Telvin is 12 years old and has down syndrome, but she is defying all odds associated with having Down Syndrome and singing. Watch this video closely. She is a

Google to Index Tweets in Real Time

Good News for Tweeters, you're tweets will now be visible in Google's search results. Google and Twitter are working together to on tweets that can be shown in real time to users searching for information. So, if you're tweeting about Super Bowl chances are that it will be visible on Google when someone searches for [...]