September 2015

Talk of disruption. Twitter looks to be going disruptive and making changes that have been core to their product and brand. Twitter broke the traditional way of communicating when they launched they 140 character tweet limit. Twitter users changed their behavior to adapt to communicating within the 140 character limit. I am twitter addict and [...]

Life on Twitter: Analyse your last 1000 tweets

Life on Twitter is an awesome app that analysis your last 1000 tweets. It gives a summary of your best tweets, your tweet schedule, the top hashtags that you have used, your follower ratio and who are your best tweet buddies :) All you need to do is sign in with your twitter id, it [...]

Facebook Like – Dislike Button

It's happening, no it's not happening....wait, wait I think it's happening. The dislike button debate has been on since facebook launched the 'like' button. Users have been wanting a dislike button to show disinterest in the post or dislike to a particular brand for a longtime, but destination for voting (like / dislike) of a [...]

Happy Engineer’s Day: 15 Famous Engineering Quotes

Happy Engineer's Day Engineer's Day is celebrated around the world on 15th September, a day dedicated to those without whom every machine would not be made. A day to be extra nice to your coding and development team :) A day to be thankful to some of the greatest engineering minds. Below are 15 famous [...]

Twitter now updated on iPad for a better experience

Ever used Twitter on a tablet ? The experience is horrific, I am amazed that Twitter hasn't been able to get a fix on this. The feed scroll is very smooth and awesome on the smartphone, but when it comes to the tablet the design , layout and experience is below expectation. The scroll on [...]

11 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Although blogging may seem to be extremely simple and easy, there are some common errors that most bloggers commit every now and then. Given below are some of the mistakes that are committed while blogging and some useful tips on how to avoid them. 1) Clarity of Thought: - One of the primary errors that [...]

And now Google has a new Logo

After the launch of Alphabet, restructuring the company and having a new CEO - Sundar Pichai. Google now has a new logo. The new logo identity was revealed by the company today, the new Google logo is much slicker and looks a lot colorful than its original logo. The new logo is defined in sans-serif [...]