July 2016

Catch Pokemon with PokeNotify app

There's an app for everything :) Jumping on the Pokemon Go bandwagon, this new app has eliminated the need to keep the Pokemon Go app on to catch Pokemons, Andriod. Download the app

Have you verified your account with Twitter ?

Twitter is making it easy for you to verify your handles and make them more credible. Twitter today announced that it will allow anyone to apply to be verified. Once verified your twitter handle will get a small check mark making it a verified account. Being verified ensures that your account is creators and influencers [...]

How to Measure Cross Device Ad conversions on Google

Advertising was always difficult to measure be it TV, print, radio or any other form, until 2000 when Google revolutionized the ROI approach with Google Adwords. When marketers advertised on the traditional platforms they did not know which platform worked to get the sale. Did the print ad work or the TV ad, maybe the [...]

Now watch Livestream Wimbeldon on Twitter

Game, Set, Match - Twitter......Twitter has won the game, well at least the livestream broadcast of the game. Your mobile and your tweet feeds have just become your @wimbeldon and watch Wimbeldon live here. Let's hope we get to see more livestream events from Twitter.

Guide to Changing Google SERPs by Dr. Petes

Dr. Petes ? Who's Dr. Petes ? Do you know him ? Dr. Pete's Mayers is a marketing scientist at MOZ, he is the co founder of many MOZ products and tools including MozCast - An experiment in tracking 'weather' patters based on Google Algorithms. Dr. Pet's and his team constantly monitor the changes in [...]