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Take Google Doodle’s Earth Day Quiz

"She could take it back, she might take it back someday" - Pink Floyd, Take it Back. Today is Earth Day - A day for all of us to think about Plant Earth and stop abusing mother nature before she takes back all the good things. To celebrate Earth Day interactive doodle, you'll love taking [...]

Your Happy Birthday Google Doodle is Here

Would you be surprised if Google greeted you with a personalized "Happy Birthday" Doodle, that's what happened when I logged into Google this morning. I was pleasantly surprised with the Happy Birthday Google Doodle - the doodle was in the form of cup cakes and candles and said "Happy Birthday Zubin!". When I clicked on [...]

Happy Halloween with Google Doodle

Going Trick or Treating today ? Google has launched it's interactive Halloween Doodle, the doodle is available in US, Halloween doodle you can knock on the spooky doors of the hunted house and expect it to surprise you :) There are lots of elements you can play around with on this doodle... the skeleton, the [...]

Google Doodle’s Tribute To Freddie Mercury

If you are a Queen fan like me, you are going to love this Doodle, it's simply awesome :). Google Doodle pays tribute to rock legend and Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury on his 65th birthday. Born Farrokh Bulsara on 5 th September 1946 to Indian parents in Zanzibar, Freddie was celebrated as one of [...]

John Lennon Google Doodle

"You may say I'm a dreamer , but I am not the only one" Today's Google Doodle pays tribute to one of the world's greatest dreamers - John Lennon. The Google Doodle celebrates John Lennon's 70th birthday by doing it very differently. It's not the regular doodle logo but an animated You Tube video clip [...]

Google Doodles Barcode’s 57 th Annivarsary

The latest Google doodle ( 7 th October 2009 ) salutes the 57 th annivarsary invention of the bar code ( 7 th October 1957 ). If you've Googled today you would have noticed the latest Google doodle - the bar code. If you clicked on the bar code doodle, you would have noticed the [...]

Google’s 19th Birthday Surprise Spinner

Google just turned 19, WOW...It was 19 years ago that the search engine was started in a garage, at that time it was one of the last entrants in the search space with Alta Vista, Yahoo and AOL controlling the domain. Today 19 years later they not only dominate the web but also play a [...]

Now create multiple copies of an email draft in Gmail

My blogger friend Amit Agarwal has created a super app for Gmail that will help you send individual mails to multiple recipients without having to bcc them - no it's not spammy, it's resourceful and awesome. With this app you can send the same email to many people / multiple recipients  without having to write it [...]

Google Earth Turns 10

Happy Birthday Google...err Happy Birthday Google Earth. Holy, we almost forgot that Google launched on one the most spectacular offerings - Google Earth a decade ago. In 2005 a team of Google engineers with the help of satellites created a virtual representation of empowered not only school kids but also NASA scientists to explore Earth. [...]

2 Latest and Coolest Updates from Viber

If you want to call free to anywhere in the world, you use VoIP. In the VoIP app arena, you can safely say that share videos and files directly from your gallery; and groups of up to 40 participants. Viber also syncs with your device’s mobile list, automatically detecting if your friends and family have Viber [...]