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The Blogworld this Week – 15 year old bloggers

There are lots bloggers who fascinate me especially a few of the 14 -15 year old bloggers. I am impressed with their attitude, focus and dedication to blogging. At 15 years they are impressive in their approach and have a business mind.  The blogworld this week is dedicated to the 14 and 15 years old [...]

The Blogworld this Week

Google had its PR update and most of my blogger friends were happy to get a PR increase for their blogs. got a PR of 1 from zero, Ganesh of Blog Smartly has done a Blog Smartly Fair Value Analysis of 19 great blogs. Its an interesting analysis based on fair value. moved [...]

An Evening with The Blogging King – Yaro

If you want to succeed in life, study a successful person. Try and understand the mindset of the person. Associate with like minded people. This is a proven method to becoming successful. Since my early internet days Yaro has always been an inspiration to me and I did not want to miss my chance to [...]

Dot Com Pho with John Chow and Toronto Bloggers

Saturday afternoon was a blast with John Chow and the rest of the blogging gang from Toronto. We were at the Vietnam Noodle Star in Scarborough, Toronto. A few intersections East from where I live. John Chow had some great tips for us to increase out blog traffic and a special message for WebTrafficROI readers. [...]

Toronto Bloggers Meet With John Chow & Yaro

Last night was an awesome evening meeting up with Toronto Bloggers, The mega Gurus of the Blogworld John Chow alongwith Blog Mastermind Coach Yaro were the stars of the evening. We had a big turn out of over 20 people that took the entire patio of the Live restaurant. The restaurant was recommended by Yaro [...]

Free PDF of Conversion Blogging Video

You may remember back in July I posted a blog on Yaro'sBlog Mastermind video called Conversion Blogging, which outlined Yaro's system of blogging and marketing with an email list to bring in over $100,000 per year. That video was a huge hit and many people who watched it went on to join Yaro's Blog Mastermind However, [...]

This is now a “DoFollow” Blog

The "NoFollow" HTML tag that most blogs have by default completely ruins the natural process of link building. I am a believer of the natural link building process that helps your site gain higher PR and higher search results on Google. What is a "DoFollow" Blog ? A "DoFollow" Blog is a blog that makes the natural [...]

Blog Mastermind is now Live

Yaro's well know Blog Mastermind Mentoring Series is now live. I had attended his previous mentoring program, it is one of the top few programs I recommend to you. I must admit that when I started off with I was a bit frustrated as how basic the course was since I had been blogging for sometime. However the [...]

Alborz Fallah Spills the Beans

Alborz Fallah, is a student of Blog Mastermind Coaching, a successful coaching & mentoring program run by Yaro Starak and owner of a million dollar blog, his blog was recently valued at $ 5 million. Alborz's story is fantastic and it shows you can start a blog from nothing, focus on a passion and [...]

Problogger - Secrets of Blogging your way to a Six Figure Income is a book written by two well know bloggers, Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. The book is very well crafted and organised that even a newbie blogger can easily understand the topics. The book is targetted to the new blogger who wants to know [...]