Email Marketing

Why Every Marketer Needs A Newsletter

Have you ever wondered why you are getting so many WordPress newsletter plugin, you can easily add a newsletter to your blog and reap the benefits. Here are just some of the benefits you will be getting when you have a newsletter. It is a basic truth that your image is a really precious asset [...]

3 Easy Ways to Get More Email Addresses for Your List

If you market your business on the Web, you may already know how powerful a mailing list can be. A list of email addresses is your gateway to opportunity. The longer your list, the more people you can expose to new services, offers, deals, and discounts. If your business sends out a monthly newsletter, the [...]

The Future of Email Marketing

Whatever the cause, we are in a period of change in the business of email marketing. This brings with it risk of course but also tremendous opportunity. It is up to you which way the balance goes with regards to your company. A recent Google sponsored report has statistically calculated what has occurred over the [...]

Direct email marketing: Does it always end in a monthly newsletter?

I always use the example of regular newsletters when dishing out email marketing tips.  I think most of us think of email marketing campaigns mainly in terms of sending out monthly or weekly mailers to our subscribers.  It’s a pity – there’s so much more you could do with your email your subscribers daily, just [...]

6 Reasons Every Business Should Use Email Marketing

One of the greatest and most powerful components of web marketing is email. Today, there is an entire industry of companies, websites, conferences, and vendors dedicated to this subfield.  It can provide businesses and companies amazing access to their customers, along with other great benefits, but still not everyone employs it. Why? Below is a [...]

Aweber gets even better with the New Form Generator

I have been using Aweber since the launch of this blog. I must say that its one of the best investments I've made in my blog alongwith the Thesis Theme . If you have a blog and do not have a mailing list you are leaving tons of money on the table. No seriously, the [...]

Capturing the right leads for Email Marketing

This is a guest post by Anand Srinivasan. Have you ever thought why businesses pay hefty rents to own a shop space in the main city center and not on the outskirts? Pretty obvious, right? The most likely spenders come to visit these shopping places around the city center and very unlikely to travel to [...]

Personalisation has played an important role in marketing communication, marketers are willing to spend millions of dollars to ensure personalisation of their communication message. Google seems to have realised this for their feedburner services a bit late. Better late than never, now you can personalise your email subject line in feedburner emails, you can use [...]

If you have a website or a blog you'll know the importance of building a targeted list and having all your users email ids white listed (This is the process by which a user adds a company’s e-mail address to their e-mail address book or whitelist) and comply with the CAN-SPAM act (This is the [...]

4 Proven Email Subject Lines

Building an online business with a email list can be a very powerful source of passive income. The larger your list the more better your revenues. While email marketing always gets a bad press , studies have shown that its the most effective online marketing tool, most of my revenue come from building and maintaining [...]