Pay Per Click Marketing

If you are Google Adwords user or planning to use Google Adwords to launch your online campaign then you might have heard about the Google Adwords Quality Score. A high Quality Score for each keyword will trigger your ads in higher position and at lower cost-per-click (CPC). A Quality Score of keyword depends on your [...]

Acquisio Search : The Pay Per Click Software Tool

As a blogger for SEO and PPC related posts one of my responsibilities is to keep updated on the latest technology in the search engine and pay per click software tools and products market. At the recent SES ( Search Engine Strategies ) Seminar in Toronto, Canada I came across an amazing pay per click [...]

SEM Marketing with SEMRush

I recently came across a sweet tool called SEM Rush, while I was surfing for PPC marketing and keyword related tools. I do a lot of PPC marketing campaigns and I was looking for some utilities that could help me discover which keywords my competitors were using for their PPC campaigns and their keyword bids [...]

10 power-packed tips for writing high converting landing page copy: Tip #1: Write Benefit Oriented Headlines If you haven't heard it before, your headline is the most important part of your copy. Your headline will make or break your whole sales process. A strong headline will have your visitor drooling and ready to buy. On [...]

I just joined the PPC Classroom 2.0 and I am amazing at the amount of offers that Anik and Anil has provided in this course. I have'nt seen any other course on Pay Per Click and Affiliate Marketing that is exaustive and comprehensive. There are tons of such programs out there that claim to teach [...]

One of the common issues facing every PPC ( Pay Per Click ) marketer is low conversion rates. Working to improve your conversion rate should be on every Pay Per Click marketers agenda. Higher conversion rates will boost your PPC ( Pay Per Click) efforts and add revenues to the bottom line. If your competing [...]

5 Tips to Ensure PPC Landing Page conversions

One of the key success for any PPC ( Pay Per Click ) campaign is based on the relevancy of your landing pages. Landing pages are where the conversions are. These are customized pages where the visitors land when they click on a sponsored link, ad or other online call to action. I don't spend [...]

7 Effective PPC Ad Copy Tips to Boost Conversions

Writing effective PPC campaigns can be very impactful for higher click thro rates , which could result in higher conversions. 90 % of the ads on PPC dont have the copy effectiveness to get higher click thro rates thus affecting conversions. Below are several pointers that will help you make your PPC ads more effective [...]

MSN Adcentre Sucks ( Part 2 )

Related post MSN Adcentre Sucks Part 1 After about 2.5 weeks of calling the Adcenter customer support I finally got an answer today. MSN Adcenter displayed ads that I had paused a week back. Apparently their system cannot pause the ads the moment you click on pause , ( They actually told me that their system was [...]

MSN Adcentre Sucks ( Part 1 )

I've been using MSN Adcentre to market a few affiliate products. I have a total of 12 campaigns running running MSN Live, a month back I had stopped 4 of the campaigns as I did not see any monetary results from the search results. While i happen to check out competitive products on MSN I happen to [...]