Search Engine Marketing

SEO is always a complicated practice; given the fact Google is constantly updating how the ranking algorithm works. With the current changes in search engine guidelines, it’s time to ensure you adopt these changes to stay strong and on top in the New Year. Here are 5 changes to consider: #1. Make use of Conversational [...]

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Engage an SEO Expert

With Google constantly bringing up new updates on a regular basis, it’s important to get things right when it comes to optimization techniques. So how do you engage an SEO company, when the days of swift fixes are now of no use and the stone age of SEO has begun. To know the best SEO [...]

Pinterest Vs. Facebook – An Unusual Comparison

Social is evolving fast and every day a few new sites add up to the list and some eliminated. Hope many of you remember MySpace, Digg, etc.? They’re not even considered by many nowadays as they add no value to anyone using it. Especially, businesses look out for platforms that connect with customers and promote [...]

Speed – Why It Can Hurt SERPs and Customers?

Are you an online entrepreneur? Is your website transferring necessary traffic and conversions? If not, design, layout and content might not be the exclusive reasons! As a website owner you've to be more cautious about the loading speed as this can significantly impact its performance. Even a 0.5 second delay can frustrate customers and most [...]

Focus on high quality content, build credible backlinks, reach out to the mobile audience, etc. are some of the commonly found advice on digital marketing platforms. But there are a few other things Google Analytics. This helps them converse better with clients or streamline their work. It also helps to reduce the burden on qualified [...]

Matt Cutts on using Disavow Links Tool

Matt says that you can use the disavow tool to share links with Google you don't want to be associated with. ie. in case you want to remove links from a particular domain, you can do so using the disavow tool. If your blog has been hit by tip from Matt: He says that if [...]

Google has made it very clear that paid links are a no-no on any website. If your website or blog is open to receiving payments for putting up links then you're most likely going to be in trouble. Google's alogo are now very powerful and can detect links that are paid. However there is criteria [...]

The SEO Battle Is Won On-Site

Tons of businesses allocate a large portion of their SEO budget and resources to building links. While link building is definitely an important part of increasing your rankings in Google and Bing, unless they steal it). Ask marketers who relied on article directories and link trading networks if they wish they had of spent more [...]

Why is your website so low in Google search results?

This is a question I ask often, and most of the time people either don’t really know, or know a little but are confused. Sometimes even SEO specialists struggle to identify the reason. Most of the time though, the source of the problem can be identified and addressed. SEO is a complicated matter, there are [...]

7 SEO Tips To Help You Outrank Your Competition

So let’s say you have already set up a blog for your business. What should you do next? Competition is always going to be a part of doing business, especially online. Everyone is trying to take a piece of the market for themselves, so you will need to fight back to out-rank them and keep [...]