Social Media Marketing

Is Social Tagging becoming a silent movement ?

Tagging has become one of the most essential and popular "to do's" in the Web 2.0 environment. It's almost impossible to use Twitter without tagging your followers or other Twitter users. Tagging also helps you increase your followers on Twitter and helps your tweets go viral. By using hastags effectively on Twitter you can to [...]

What the F**K is Social Media ?

If you ask brand managers and internet marketing managers about social media, chances are that they will tell you one of the two things : - It's useless and does not help in selling my brand or product - We are in the process of building a Social Media Strategy Whenever I hear or read [...]

Facebook to now integrate directly with Twitter

Facebook is in the process of releasing a new feature for Facebook Pages, this feature will allow you to automatically post updates to Twitter simultaneously. The feature presently is only for Pages and not for individual profiles. Facebook fan pages are a success with public figures and businesses, if you have created Facebook pages you [...]

Canada Pokes Facebook says Comply With Our Privacy Laws

The largest social media site, Facebook has got into a privacy tangle in Canada. The Canadian privacy commission report released on Thursday says that Facebook breaches its privacy laws. According to the report, Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart at a press conference in Ottawa accused Facebook of retaining user information after uses have closed their [...]

14 Thoughts Leaders on Social Media in 2009

Fourteen thought leaders have shared their knowledge on the impact of social media in 2009.  Here's some of what they're thinking: - "Although it is now cheaper to launch an initiative leveraging Web 2.0 technology - it requires qualified and passionate people to make them successful." -David Armano - "You may not always start the [...]