Twitter Marketing

Life on Twitter: Analyse your last 1000 tweets

Life on Twitter is an awesome app that analysis your last 1000 tweets. It gives a summary of your best tweets, your tweet schedule, the top hashtags that you have used, your follower ratio and who are your best tweet buddies :) All you need to do is sign in with your twitter id, it [...]

Twitter now updated on iPad for a better experience

Ever used Twitter on a tablet ? The experience is horrific, I am amazed that Twitter hasn't been able to get a fix on this. The feed scroll is very smooth and awesome on the smartphone, but when it comes to the tablet the design , layout and experience is below expectation. The scroll on [...]

Twitter rolls out Personas

Twitter has added more ammunition in the form of analytical tools to drive targeted ads to their users and give a robust platform to its advertisers. The new audience insights dashboard now offers insights on user demographics, interests, purchase behaviour and much more. “Personas” will also be added to the dashboard to give advertisers insights [...]

Twitter rolls out new audience insights features

Twitter launched its new audience insights dashboard to provide marketers and advertisers with sharper insights and targeting of their products. The new feature gives an overview of the audience behavior and interaction with influencers and products on Twitter. The dashboard provides a number of insight related features like - demographics , interest, behavior, usage and [...]

Twitter now lets you Retweet with Comments

Twitter is making a few strategic changes on their platform. The recent announcement by the team is an initiative that they should have done long back, they've now added "retweet with a comment" feature for users. Prior to this you could only retweet without having the option to comment to your followers about a particular [...]

You’ll soon see ads in your Twitter profile

As expected - sooner or later this was bound to happen. Twitter is under extreme pressure from shareholders to show profitability and its only source as of now seems to be revenue from ads. Twitter is experimenting a new ad format that could hit users profiles very soon. Just like Facebook, if you're logged in [...]

7 Simple Steps to use Twitter to Market your Business

You have to be aware that Twitter is unbelievably large with 500 million users tweeting 400 million tweets and searching for umpteen terms every day. So you just need to be smart enough to turn these save your data as only then you can get alerted whenever somebody tweets to the prospective search terms. 2. [...]

Twitter has announced the launch of it's official wordpress plugin for blogs and websites on wordpress. The plugin offers a suite of twitter related applications that include twitter cards, embedded tweets and video. the tweet share button, analytics, twitter advertising and a base library. The plugin is available in 28 languages and is aimed to [...]

Google to Index Tweets in Real Time

Good News for Tweeters, you're tweets will now be visible in Google's search results. Google and Twitter are working together to on tweets that can be shown in real time to users searching for information. So, if you're tweeting about Super Bowl chances are that it will be visible on Google when someone searches for [...]

Kevin Rose interviews Twitter Founder Biz Stone

Kevin Rose the founder of Digg in his new Foundation video series interviews Christopher Stone (aka Biz Stone ) the co-founder of Twitter who is also the co-founder of Jelly. In the interview Biz gives us a glimpse of his early high school days and why he quit school to take up entrepreneurial ventures. If [...]