Twitter Marketing

5 Tips to Grow Popular with Twitter

Are you desperately trying your best to get popular with your Twitter profile? Do you need more individuals to see your Twitter profile and updates? In case you're a medium sized or small business, it can take a while to develop your Twitter profile and tweets. Before you do consider other possibilities, make certain you [...]

Twitter has released a new research study that reveals interesting fact about brand tweets leading consumers to take action. The study was done in partnership with The Advertising Research Foundation, FOX and DB5. A sample size of 12,000 respondants - male and female across all age bands and devices was taken for the research. The [...]

Twitter Launches Analytic Feature For All Users

Twitter has opened its analytical platform to all users, the same was earlier available to only advertisers and partners. All you need to do is login to your account, click on the Analytic tab in your dashboard at the top of the page. Your The Timeline activity shows a graph on the base of mentions, [...]

Twitter For Small Businesses – 5 Steps To Success

Whilst many brands utilise a social media agency to set up and manage Twitter profiles, this isn’t always a financially viable option for some smaller businesses. In light of this, here are my top five steps to Twitter success. 1. Know your audience: As with any marketing campaign, spend time researching the target audience, then [...]

9 Ways to Grow your Small Business by Tweeting Smartly

When it comes to your online or small business, increased website traffic is vital to the growth and success of your business. The number of social media venues seems to increase daily, making it hard for business owners to know which ones to include in their social media marketing plan. Twitter, which was officially launched [...]

9 Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Twitter

Taking on Twitter? Here are nine common mistakes small businesses make while using Twitter, and how you can avoid them for your own small business. Empty Tweets - Many small businesses consider look like spam and add no value to your message. DMs - Although most of the Twitter universe is vehemently against direct messages, [...]

Is Your Twitter Marketing Strategy Wonky?

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms out there today. Even with all the dominate your niche on Twitter? Well the answers simple, you just have to make your strategy rather ‘wonky’... What Is Follower Wonk? What on earth is all this ‘wonky’ business about? Well key thought leaders, and informs you [...]

10 Twitter Apps for Bloggers and Internet Marketers

With Twitter being as insanely popular as it is, there should be no question as to why bloggers and internet marketers find it so useful for their social media-related tasks. That being said, there are many different Twitter apps that can be used to increase both traffic and feedback on your blog, personal website, company [...]

5 Handpicked iPhone Twitter Apps for Interesting Twittering

Handling Twitter from your iPhone is a lot of fun, isn’t it? But this fun is sometimes interrupted a bit when you miss some of the interesting and useful features which are quite easily got hold of on your desktop by using some third-party app. But again, apps are not just meant for your desktop [...]

3 FAST Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Do you know why the 4th of July fireworks are so popular? It’s because everyone is waiting for the ending when the colors explode in the sky, one right after another. That’s really what happens to your Twitter account when you grow it the right way. You start with a few dozen followers and then [...]