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What is Cloud Hosting? Advantages and Disadvantages

Lately, some of you, especially if you work in businesses close to technology Clouding've heard of. But what's with the Cloud hosting? For the less initiated a revolution is starting to reach businesses and will soon be moved to households. Clouding or cloud computing as it is also called, is based on having a web space where they [...]

What are Virtual Private Servers and why they are used ?

Today we begin a series of posts dedicated to Virtual Private Servers ( VPS ) , which is to explain from what practical applications of use and configuration. Many Internet companies offer the possibility for any user contracts a server. But often their use will give the person is not required to have a complete machine available, and you do not [...]

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Hosting is an integral part when you have an online business - be a blog or a website. You need to have a trusted and credible hosting firm to ensure that your site is always up and running. I've been using HostGator for my blogs and websites, this blog is hosted on HostGator. My blog [...]

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Get a FREE Domain with Web Hosting Hub

The selection of a reliable hosting company is one of the most important decisions while starting a blog or website for your business. A fast and reliable webhost improves the user experience for the site. It offers considerable SEO advantage as the search engines will be able to crawl and index more pages of your [...]

Presale Tips for the First VPS Purchase

Virtual Servers become increasingly popular among VPS has several ways of resource provision that depend on the virtualization type in use. This factor prompts dependencies for other aspects of hosting in turn. Thus, if you are intended to get a virtual server as a hosting platform for your web project, have a look at the [...]

HostGator Cyber Monday 50% Discount Coupon

Cyber Monday Sale - 50 % Discount on all HostGator Hosting Plans If you missed the awesome 80 % Black Friday discount offer on HostGator, then you can grab it on Cyber Monday - Monday 29th November 2010 at 50 % Discount. HostGator has been doing a major promotions since HostGator allowed the promotion on [...]