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CRAZY Black Friday Sale - 80 % Discount on all HostGator Hosting Plans Buy HostGator shared hosting for three years at 80 % discount for $0.99 a month, this comes up to $35.64 for THREE FULL YEARS. Now, once you set up your new hosting plan with HostGator move your blog to it, and deactivate [...]

4 Reasons to Use VPS as a Hosting Solution

Nowadays technology allows minimizing resource usage while providing equal or even better performance. Project and companies go “Green”, decreasing their emission and electricity consumption rates. Datacenters and technology which made it real. This technology is called Virtualization and one of the products it emerged is called a VPS – Virtual Private Server. Such servers provide [...]

Get Hosting help with WpHostingReviews

"I am a newbie who is excited to get my first blog up, with less knowledge about how to set up the blog, I simply don’t have the skills to go out and carefully examine each web host available. I am confused with so many of them on the net and I need help" This [...]

Find Reliable Web Hosts with WebHostingClue

Web hosting can be a very difficult business to be in. There are thousands of web hosts on the Internet today. - How do you know which one is good ? - Are they going to provide you with excellent customer support? - How often is your site backed up ? - How quick is [...]

Go Webhosting with GlowHost

When you start a business venture and want to make it online the first thing that you will have to do is approach a web hosting company. You will have to register your domain name and then the company will give you web space on the server that they own or have leased. You can [...]

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Based on your website’s needs there are several different hosting options available. However, you may want to take a look at a exchange spam filter come with a seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010, Lotus, and all other standard based email servers. Most of the web hosts also provide dedicated helpline numbers [...]

Top Joomla Web Hosting with JoomlaHostingReviews

In an earlier post we mentioned the benefits of selecting a good web hosting provider. Its very essential that you select a good web hosting firm to host your website. As a blogger and a web business owner I often find myself needing to find another web host for one of my sites for one [...]

What Is Reseller Web Hosting ?

If you are new to web hosting, most likely you are not aware that there are several types of web hosting and that each of them is suitable for different cases and needs. For example, there are hardly many people outside the web hosting industry, who have heard about reseller hosting. No, this doesn't mean [...]

8 Reasons to move to a Self Hosted Blog

I know a few people, who don't want to buy a domain and a web host because they don't know whether they like to blog or not. Of course it would be a stupid investment if you don't know if blogging is something for you. If you don't know, if you a going to like [...]

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