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When I was planning to launch my first internet site I had very little knowledge about web hosting, I was unsure which web hosting service provider was best suited for my website. Since most of us start a website on a shoe string budget I wanted to ensure that I was not spending unnecessary dollars [...]

10 reasons to select a good Web Hosting provider

If you have a web business or are in the process of launching one it's important that you select an affordable and reliable web hosting provider. The web hosting provider of your online business can make a difference between a successful website and failure, it's that important. Below are the 10 things you need to [...]

What is web hosting location? Every website, blog or every a single webpage is hosted on a webserver that connects to the internet. A webserver is a computer connected to the internet which is owned by a webhosting company ( in most cases, unless you have your own webservers ). A webserver is a computer [...]