DreamLab app helps solve Cancer while you sleep


DreamLab is Vodafone Australia’s new android app that helps speed up computing for cancer research, when you’re not using your phone. The app has been developed by Gavin Institute of Medical research in Sydney, Australia, it syncs up the combined unused power from smartphones which install the app and disseminates the same to speed up cancer researcher’s computing capabilities.

The combined unused power from smartphones helps the computing speed to aid in research for different types of cancers ie. breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostrate cancer, pancreatic cancer etc. Users can choose the type of cancer research that they would like to support when they download the app.

It’s a nice way to give back to the cancer community, if you’re a Vodafone user in Australia the app does not charge for data download. More on data usage here.

Cancer Research App

According to Vodafone if 10,000 users download the app the combined computing power will help crunch research data 3,000 times faster. All you can do is charge up your phone while you sleep and help fast track cancer research and Help cure cancer

Vodafone has done their part in developing this app, you do yours to download it.

Help cure cancer, download the app.

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