Google Earth Turns 10


Happy Birthday Google…err Happy Birthday Google Earth.

Holy, we almost forgot that Google launched on one the most spectacular offerings – Google Earth a decade ago. In 2005 a team of Google engineers with the help of satellites created a virtual representation of Mother Earth with images and data sets.

Over the last 10 years its empowered not only school kids but also NASA scientists to explore Earth.

To celebrate a decade of existence, the Google team launched two new features – Voyager and Earth View

– A new layer that will help you find the most imaginary photos and 3 D images from across the globe.


You can choose to see more than 1000 voyager locations from across the globe.

Earth View
– As the name suggests, its the view of the Earth (pictures of places on Earth) taken from the source satellite.

Google Earth View

You can see breathtaking landscapes from across continents. The web gallery now has over 1500 landscape pictures of Earth.

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  • Diana July 27, 2015, 8:53 am

    Interesting post. That is a very interesting launch by Google. It has helped people explore the Earth.