Google launches Bumper Ads for YouTube


You Tube Video Marketing

Google is launching a new ad format called – “Bumper Ads” on YouTube, it’s a six second video ad format that is available on the adwords dashboard on a CPM model. Publishers can use this format to promote their videos on YouTube. The bumper ad formats are specifically targeted to smartphone users who spend most of their time viewing YouTube videos on their smartphones.

According to Google ‘Bumper Ads’ work well if it’s a combination of true view and Google preferred campaigns, the test results of Bumper ads have shown super high reach and frequency along with high recall and awareness.

Atlanta records has been the first company to have tested great results from ‘Bumper Ads’ – The 6 second approach seems to have been taken from Twitter’s Vine videos which were a hit when they first launched it. Vine now has moved to sponsored six second videos.

Although its too early to test the success of ‘Bumper Ads’, it would be a good alternative to boost reach on YouTube.

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