Google launches Resizer to test design responsiveness across devices


How often have you experienced a website that is not responsive on mobile or on a tablet ? Majority of the website today fail to test their design and site architecture on being responsive across devices resulting in a poor experience for the end user.

Google has launched – Resizer, a tool that will help designers and developers check the responsiveness of their site design on different devices ie. desktop, mobile and tablet. With the help of Resizer, designers have the ability to test their web pages and take corrective action based on the design for their respective websites. The tool allows then to make tweaks in the code and design to ensure appropriate fitment of the webpages.

responsive website

The tool has the capability of doing a real time test for any URL, all you need to do is submit the URL on the site and check how responsive your pages are on mobile and tablet. With resizer designers can also resize based on different browsers and browser versions very easily, the tool allows you to toggle between desktop, mobile and tablet designs.


It’s a super cool way of testing your web pages for design.

Check it out

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