Google says you don’t need a desktop site to rank on search, a mobile site is fine


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No more desktop sites, go mobile seems to be the mantra at Google. Gone are the days of desktop sites and content pages being optimized for Google search results. Google’s John Mueller said at a recent Google hangout that mobile site are good enough to get you results even on a desktop.

Which means that long content optimized pages will soon be gone with the mobile version content will be short and relevant to the topic. Google always maintained high authority for content sites that were relevant to their niche.

John said that “You need to still see that the user is able to see the mobile version on a desktop browser”, that being the caveat mobile sites are just fine to rank on desktop searches.

Watch the complete video, where John answers the questions on this topic

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  • James Williams September 9, 2015, 9:35 am

    These people are really into what they’re doing, they keep innovating, inventing… I wonder if they’ll ever be blown out of the market, i say that’d be impossible.