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With the recent Panda changes to the Google algorithm, search engine optimization is slowing moving to a new level of relevancy. Google has shuffled its algorithm to ensure that the searches are always fresh and relevant to its users.

Welcome to the new complicated search.

To get high ranking it’s important that you understand how the new Google algorithm works, the easiest way is to hire an expert at Link Proz who knows how to get you up the rankings on all search engines.

What is Link Proz?

Link Proz is a team of experts who offer search services to help you rank better on search engines, going by the firm’s name link building is one of their core expertise. This also happens to be one of the top factors that help you rank high on Google and other search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

The experts at Link Proz will help you build links with relevant keywords that relate to your niche.

What does Link Proz offer ?

Link Proz not only offers back links but goes beyond to offer a suite of SEO services for all types of businesses. The experts at Link Proz understand that each business is different and has different search needs.

It has a range of SEO services to ensure that you get a mix of optimized solutions i.e. Content creation, website analysis, social media promotion and much more.

The search services are competitively priced and affordable if you are serious about optimizing your website for search engines.

You can choose between three packages:

Platinum package:
– In this pack you get 13 Page Rank 4 links, 8 Page Rank 5 links, SEO analysis and keyword research that gives you the top performing keywords for your site, a monthly SEO report and an SEO consultation

PR Generator:
– Here you get 5 Page Rank 4 links, 8 Page Rank 5 links, 6 Page Rank 6 links, SEO analysis, keyword research report, a monthly SEO report and an SEO consultation.

Google Dominator:
– With this pack you get 11 Page Rank 4 links, 5 Page Rank 5 links, 15 Page Rank 6 links, SEO analysis, keyword research report, a monthly SEO report and an SEO consultation.

Inspiring list of Clients:
– Link Proz has an inspiring list of clients like,, Men’s,, and to name a few. I met Tom from Link Proz last week and we are looking to start working on search for soon.

Linkproz Clients

One Dollar Trial Offer:
– Give Link Proz a shot; you can try their one dollar offer for 14 days. This is a Risk FREE trial offer and you can cancel anytime.

Check out Link Proz

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  • Jawed July 15, 2011, 2:22 pm

    Nice ZK,

    Linkproz sounds interesting, will keep them in mind to SEO some of my niche websites.

  • gkapackagingmachines July 16, 2011, 8:50 am

    optimize the website, pick good keywords that you can rank on that are relevant. And then in the three months you are waiting for Yahoo! to rank your website well get as many links as you can to get better rankings in Google.

  • iPhone 6 Blog July 17, 2011, 11:41 am

    LinkProz is good but it is way to costly for mini-sites.
    Its a great deal for larger sites like NewEgg,etc.