Mark Zuckerberg will answer your questions – Facebook Live on June 14


Facebook Lite

Mark Zuckerberg is holding a session on June 14 to answer your questions. This session will be the first Q&A that Mark will be hosting on Facebook Live.

Facebook Live is a new platform that Facebook will be launching soon, here you can scroll through the questions that are being asked while listening to him. Mark has already started taking questions that he would be answering in the session next week. If you have a question for him you can ask Mark here.

Questions that have the most votes will be answered by Mark Zuckerberg during his Q&A session. I scrolled through the questions and most of them are related to how Facebook can make it easier for you to communicate, the product improvements that users want on Facebook are being expressed. Attending the session should be fun and engaging, I am sure you’ll know more about what you can do on Facebook after the session.

Ask Mark anything and he’ll answer all your questions, he may even answer some personal questions that are not related to Facebook 🙂

Block your time with Mark on Tuesday, June 14 at 11.30 am PT

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