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11 WordPress Plugins You’ve Gotta Have

As a freelance writer I work with many different blog owners on a regular basis and that means I get the chance to see just about every plugin imaginable. Every once in a while I'll come across a new one that is just amazing and I wonder how I ever blogged without it.  I want [...]

Make easy money with LogoNerds’ Affiliate Program

One of the major mistakes affiliate marketers make is that they promote products that have high commissions without understanding the value that it offers the readers. While the product may give you a high commission, it may not go well with the audience. You need to pick and market a product that offers a need [...]

Direct email marketing: Does it always end in a monthly newsletter?

I always use the example of regular newsletters when dishing out email marketing tips.  I think most of us think of email marketing campaigns mainly in terms of sending out monthly or weekly mailers to our subscribers.  It’s a pity – there’s so much more you could do with your email your subscribers daily, just [...]

Presale Tips for the First VPS Purchase

Virtual Servers become increasingly popular among VPS has several ways of resource provision that depend on the virtualization type in use. This factor prompts dependencies for other aspects of hosting in turn. Thus, if you are intended to get a virtual server as a hosting platform for your web project, have a look at the [...]

Write a Sales Letter in an Hour or Less

My buddy James Foster made a very simple video for readers of this blog. He gives a quick run down on how you can write an effective sales letter in less than an hour. He takes you through four big buckets that you need to know while writing sales letters. As an internet marketing video [...]

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