Good Morning Sunday: What if Coke Told You The Truth

What If Coke actually told you the truth about how your health would be after having the drink ? Not just coke but any soda drink with a lot of fizz and sugar is not going to go down well on you. The truth is that sugary drinks is the number one source of calories [...]

We featured the McDonalds FIFA ad last Sunday and got a super response to the same. Thanks for all the mails and DMs on Twitter :) keep them coming... With the Soccer fever still on, lets look at 6 FIFA World Cup 2014 Ads that will make you watch the game. 1) Beats by Dr. [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Best FIFA World Cup Ad Ever ?

There have been some great soccer ads this year with brands competing for mind space. Nike ads have always been in the top spot at FIFA. But this ad seems to be the best ad so far at FIFA 2014 Based on simple insight of having fun kicking the ball around. Watch how Super Sunday [...]

While advertisers get ready to pull out all their marketing tools to make a big impact during The Super Bowl today, lets look at some of the ads that have been released online in the last few days. Of course there will be more ads when Super Bowl starts but that's going to be a [...]