Email Marketing

Top 5 Email Marketing Trends in 2017

If you are a marketer, you know email automation is essential. With 4.3 BILLION email addresses in the world, it is career suicide not to target prospects through their inbox. Think email marketing is a dying approach? Think people just delete all those emails? Think again. Close to 90% of all emails are delivered to [...]

With the growing edge of the internet technology and online marketing or advertising email newsletter has become one among the extremely proficient means of communication being employed by small to large level of organizations. This plays a very crucial role towards sharing the latest information along with promoting products and services to its existing or [...]

Your Mailing List is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.

Your mailing list is broken. And the bigger your list, the more broken it is. If you were to send an email, right now, to your entire list, how many of those addresses would bounce? If you inserted a [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] field in your email, how many of those emails would render an incorrect name? [...]

While there is no shortage of studies, theories and so-called experts who will be happy to claim that they know what customers are thinking and how to best market to them, it is still best to get the thoughts and insights directly from the customers themselves. Gathering information about what customers liked about their purchasing [...]

12 Proven Ways to Reach Your Target Market

The methods named in this article are nothing short of stunning though the simple fact that they work. Targeting is very important if you do not want to waste hours of your time and armfuls of money whilst marketing. Here are 12 methods that you may not have thought of, and a few ways you [...]

7 Smart Ways to Build Your Email Newsletter Without Spending a Dime

Hush.... I'm going to show you how I grew my email list by 50% in 2 months. No, I didn't buy any traffic neither did I do a JV swap with someone; all I did was just... Hmm... I won't reveal anything yet-- you'll find out as we move on. If you're looking for ways [...]

4 Simple Steps to Sell your Products with Email Marketing

Let's clarify what's email marketing. It must not be confused or regarded as spam, for both are different things. a newsletter or a subscription list due to an interest in the product or company. Therefore, since you had indicated interest, the company has sent you materials that they think you would be interested in. Email [...]

8 Useful Tips for Creating Effective & Attractive Email Newsletters

A regular newsletter can be a powerful tool in the hands of a business. When done properly, it will help you keep in touch with customers, increase your sales, and even boost customer loyalty and brand awareness. Unfortunately, many companies approach their newsletter content in an almost random fashion, with little thought to the overall [...]

Putting together an effective email marketing campaign can be very difficult, as is any interruption marketing. In essence you are filling your subscribers’ inboxes with junk mail so it’s important that you improve on your click-through rates. With such a lot to gain from an effective email marketing campaign, it is well worth investing initially [...]

Google Hates Squeeze Page Website, What Should I do?

Are you still going to depend on Google for traffic? Since the recent update, many internet marketers reported that their website ranking suddenly drop from position #1 to the very bottom. It is unpredictable on what Google is going to do to your site, especially those who uses pay for Google Adwords to advertise your [...]