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My blogger mate Pawan (aka Max Blogger) sent me his top selling plugin - MaxBlogPress Strip Ad Pro. I've been using various plugins created by Pawan across my blog. ( ie. MaxBlogPress Strip Ad Pro Plugin. The strip ad sticks on top of your blog and works beautifully to drive traffic to desired pages. You [...]

33% Discount! – NOW LESS THAN 48 36 HOURS LEFT ! How much is attracting 365,000 visitors to your blog worth to your business in 2010 ? Max Blogger the man behind the amazing Ninja Affiliate Plugin is holding a 33 % discount on $365 K Blog Traffic Formula, if you order it now you [...]

Just a few days before the Christmas season Max Blog Press has put up a very powerful package for bloggers at an unbelievable price ( I had to rub my eyes when I saw the price ) It's one of the most comprehensive suite of Blogging Tools. For the next FOUR DAYS 24 HOURS you [...]