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4 Common Mobile App Marketing Mistakes

Mobile devices have turned out to be an integral part of people’s lives. It has become a favorite tool for literally anything, including reading the latest news, watching movies, socializing, shopping, navigation and more. And how do people consume such content today? Apps! Marketers find smartphones as the most ideal medium to communicate with their [...]

10 Things To Consider While Developing iPad Apps

The growing market of mobile apps has led to involvement of tuned interpersonal skills that has presented infinite new ideas and innovations. Different platforms for mobile apps development have had different paths to focus upon while checking its usability. Turning our discussion to expert coders or programmers that have successful track record in Apple apps [...]

How to Effectively Market your Mobile App

You created a fabulous new mobile app, but how do you get people to go crazy for your app among the nearly 1,500,000 other apps that are on the market? Continue reading for some tips. How To Effectively Market Your Mobile App Originality – This might be harder than it sounds, you need to stand [...]

6 To-Dos Before Marketing your New Mobile App

Today, trying to develop your business without proper marketing is like "Trying to climb a tree to catch a fish". Mobile app marketing is no different in this regard. With so many mobile applications being developed day-after-day, the probability of showing off your newly-developed application becomes lesser and lesser unless it is marketed really well. [...]