3 Great Ways to Improve Your Presence Online

To become a successful business online, analyzing and updating to the latest marketing techniques is a must. Companies with this approach are relishing sure-fire success and others just falter. In today’s business environment, it is crucial to realize what online business is about and how to place your site ahead of the competitors for better [...]

What happens after a retail store closes its doors for the night? Do the mannequins come alive and frolic among the aisles? Are the products cleaned and organized by invisible hands? One thing is certain; at night, retail stores don’t make money. Nobody shops for dress shirts at three in the morning. Store owners must [...]

4 Most Important Things to Remember while Creating Online Content

If you have come to this article with the question, “How do people read online?” The simple – and sad – answer is…they don’t. A visitor to your site probably won’t read your content; they will scan it. A recent study found nearly 80% of participants scanned a website; just over 15% bothered to read [...]

Future of your Business is Data Centric Personalization

All data is future...All future is data Search engines, website designs, and online marketing strategies share one common denominator — they seek to create better user experiences for viewers. Companies like Google, Phorm and others invest tremendous resources to make searches more efficient, cut down on irrelevant search engine returns, and make user experiences pleasing [...]