Looking for a social media marketing strategy that increases the visibility of your brand online? Well, there are many social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn that generate heavy traffic. But Pinterest is one of the most cost-effective options for businesses. Studies have found that, “nearly 70% of online consumers who visit Pinterest [...]

Pinterest Vs. Facebook – An Unusual Comparison

Social is evolving fast and every day a few new sites add up to the list and some eliminated. Hope many of you remember MySpace, Digg, etc.? They’re not even considered by many nowadays as they add no value to anyone using it. Especially, businesses look out for platforms that connect with customers and promote [...]

5 Reasons Why Pinterest Can Increase Sales Remarkably

Social media sites have redefined the digital marketing success. Decades before, search engine optimization was only the technique most marketers focused on to promote their websites. With the Pinterest is widely preferred by many as it has the ability to enhance the prospects of any business exceptionally. This platform is an ideal choice for ecommerce [...]

Pinterest is ripe with opportunity for building traffic (and even sales) for online businesses, especially eCommerce stores. According to a 2012 study by Shareaholic, Pinterest beat out Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined in terms of referral traffic. And Pinterest users are 10% more likely to buy from your store than from any other social site. [...]

8 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites on the web. After only a few years, this site already has over 70 million users. Pinterest is a site that has found a way to profit from the huge popularity of images today. People are instantly start to create boards. A board is like the [...]

Crafting Your Brand’s Visual Identity Using Pinterest

Pinterest is not only a photo-sharing, digital-scrapbooking website, it's a form of expression. By visiting someone's Pinterest page and viewing their boards, you can easily see what they're most passionate about. A fashionista expresses herself through boards such as "Style Pinterest is image-driven, consumers, clients and customers are drawn to the content shared by a [...]

According to a new report released by Experian Marketing Services, Pinterest is now the third most-visited social networking site in the U.S., falling just behind Facebook and Twitter. This standing is pretty impressive considering that the sites traffic just started to grow exponentially in October 2011. In fact, between January and February of this year, [...]