Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme 2.0 launches 1st Oct 2012, save $33 today "If God Blogged it would be on Thesis" The Thesis Theme is the mother of all wordpress themes, I've been using it for all my blogs since it launched a couple of years ago. I've not changed my blog theme since I've been on Thesis. [...]

Download Thesis Theme 1.8

Chris Pearson the co-founder of the Wordpress Thesis Theme released the latest Thesis version last week - Thesis 1.8 for wordpress users. If you are a Thesis user you can now download the new version when you login into your Thesis account. The new version is a lot slicker and has got some awesome features, [...]

Thesis Theme 1.6 is released – A Review

The much awaited Thesis Theme 1.6 version has just been released, the Thesis Theme 1.6 version was available in beta only to Thesis Theme developers license owners. The version is now available to all bloggers and online publishers who own the thesis theme. You can go download the Thesis Theme 1.6 version right now, the [...]

Thesis Theme Thanksgiving Contest Winner

We ran a content on Thanksgiving day last week, the contest was to tweet the Thesis Theme thanksgiving contest post and one winner would be a proud owner of the awesome Thesis Theme . We are glad to announce that the Thesis Theme was won by @spicygadgets This blog runs on the Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme coupon code payouts

We recently ran a very successful Thesis Theme Discount coupon code promotion for a month and are happy to announce that we have begun sending payouts to our readers. We gave away $ 20 on The Thesis Theme Developers License and $ 10 on The Thesis Theme Personal Option. These cash back or payouts were [...]

Thesis Theme 1.6 (beta) version launched

Thesis Theme recently launched the Thesis Theme 1.6 version, this version ensures that the Thesis Theme gets more friendly and easy for bloggers. As you would have noticed that this blog runs on the Thesis Theme . The Thesis Theme 1.6 version takes blogging to another level with the easy and clean code. The Thesis [...]

Thesis Theme powers this blog

If GOD Blogged, he would use the Thesis Theme A few weeks ago I had asked my blog readers about their views on the Thesis Theme and would they like to see this blog run on Thesis, the reactions were mixed. I had a 60 - 40 split with a majority of the reader favoring [...]

Thesis Theme Winners

I want to thank you all for taking part in the Thesis Theme Contest, we had over 200 downloads for the "10 Point Website Optimisation Tips" ebook in the last week, but less than 50 readers left comments on the blog. As per the contest post I have considered only those readers who have downloaded [...]

I am giving away Two Thesis Themes All you need to do is subscribe to my ebook "10 Point Website Optimisation Tips" and leave a comment on this post. The "10 Point Website Optimisation Tips" will give you insights and recommendation on how you can increasing your site conversions by making simple tweaks and changes [...]

This Web Marketing Blog was started in June 2008, as the blog started to gain traffic I decided to offer the best possible value to my readers. I've decided to change the blog theme and recently purchased the popular Thesis Wordpress Theme. I am excited to power this blog on it. Why I choose The [...]