5 Most Annoying Things about Common Blog Post Titles

Because blogs have become such a vital part of so many marketing efforts, it is critical that all their constituent parts be appealing and informative.  This includes the title. You can avoid alienating your readers if you also avoid annoying them.  Of course this is a challenge, given that you have such limited space and [...]

4 Most Important Things to Remember while Creating Online Content

If you have come to this article with the question, “How do people read online?” The simple – and sad – answer is…they don’t. A visitor to your site probably won’t read your content; they will scan it. A recent study found nearly 80% of participants scanned a website; just over 15% bothered to read [...]

One Surefire Way To Improve Your Writing

Sometimes the most obvious advice is right in front of us. In fact, people might be screaming it at the tops of their lungs. But for some reason, we are deaf to these pleas. That is, until it's laid out for us in the clearest, simplest possible terms. For that we'll turn to ton of [...]

5 Excellent Tips for Breaking Through Writer’s Block

When it is your job to be creative, you can be sure that you will encounter writer’s block now and then. No one is creative all of the time. If you are going to make your writing career into a successful business, then you will have to write even when it isn’t easy. Here are [...]