Tweeter apps will now play Gifs and Videos


Got excited seeing gifs on Twitter ? There’s good news…

I’ve been using Twitter on the desktop as well as on the mobile, I loved the new gifs that Twitter shows on the desktop, they are very cool and gives the user a rich media experience. Sadly it wasn’t the same on the Twitter app. The app never showed any gifs, you could only upload static images and tweet about it.

Twitter Gifs

Twitter today announced that you could now play gifs or videos on a third party Twitter app, the gifs will play natively rather than redirect you to a webpage. This is good news for Twitterati 🙂

Twitter made some changes in the Twitter Kit, so developer’s don’t need to make changes in their apps, the Twitter kit can now ensure than gifs and videos run from third party Twitter apps. Twitter has been making strategic engineering changes to their product for a better user experience.

If you visited the Twitter Flight or had a chance to view the videos, you would have seen the dominace of product innovation and the future of Twitter.

As of now the feature is available on iOS.

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