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Twitter is doing a massive change, no its not increasing the 140 character limit for tweets. Its doing away with counting the characters it did for images, @name,.@ and more.

Twitter wants to be more relevant to what you want to say and wants to give you the opportunity to correctly represent your influence in 140 characters. I like the approach, it makes sense to remove the character limits for images, @name and the rest of it and stick to 140 character.

You tweets will now not count the characters that take up limits on @name, it does away with useless characters that added to the 140 limit.

Here’s what’s changing on Twitter

For Replies:
– When you reply to a tweet, twitter will not count the character limit for @name. This will give you more freedom to use all 140 characters when you reply

For Photos:
– When you attach photos, gifs, images in your tweet, they will not be counted within 140 characters. Yay, you have more to talk 🙂

These changes will be rolled out in the next few weeks

Happy Tweeting with 140 characters 🙂

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