October 2009

Trick or Treating this Halloween Eh…

If you live in Canada or US, you'll probably be celebrating Halloween tonight by going trick or treating, costume partying, watching a horror flick, visiting a haunted house or carving lanterns out of pumpkins. If you are a blogger or an internet marketer you'll probably be dressed like one in jeans and T shirt distributing [...]

Membership Site Mastermind opens (but only for 4 days)

My blogger mate Yaro Starak has just opened the doors to one of the top online coaching programs on the internet - The New Membership Site Mastermind program . The good news is that he is giving away tons of valuable bonuses if you sign up for the program in the next 24 hours, the [...]

Thesis Theme 1.6 is released – A Review

The much awaited Thesis Theme 1.6 version has just been released, the Thesis Theme 1.6 version was available in beta only to Thesis Theme developers license owners. The version is now available to all bloggers and online publishers who own the thesis theme. You can go download the Thesis Theme 1.6 version right now, the [...]

Are you ready to start your blogging business?

This is a guest post from Andrew Rondeau at www.webuildyourblog.com where he covers all the aspects of starting your own blog. If you are interested in a guest post on this blog contact us We all learn differently and at different speeds. Some of us pick things up straight away, others take more time and [...]

Thesis Theme Thanksgiving Contest Winner

We ran a content on Thanksgiving day last week, the contest was to tweet the Thesis Theme thanksgiving contest post and one winner would be a proud owner of the awesome Thesis Theme . We are glad to announce that the Thesis Theme was won by @spicygadgets This blog runs on the Thesis Theme

Download The Membership Site Masterplan

My good friend Yaro today re-released a FREE copy of his ebook The Membership Site Masterplan for those that missed downloading it the last time. The information is top notch and I highly recommend you to get a copy at the earliest. The 72 page eBook is a step -by-step plan on how to make [...]

Will Google Kill PageRank ?

When I logged into Google Webmaster Tools last night I realised that Google had stopped showing the PageRank metric. Just to confirm what I saw I dug further and came across a thread that read PageRank Distribution removed from Webmaster Tools . Susan Moskwa from the Google Webmaster Central team explained it was removed because [...]

Make Money Blogging with Chris

My blogger mate Chris Peterson is running an exciting contest on his blog with cash prizes. Chris runs a successful website Bloggingwithchris and teaches people how to make money online with  ‘In-text Advertising Networks.’ Chris claims to make money from Kontera and Google Adsense, his revenues touch $2000 a month just from two of his websites. Chris [...]

Today is Blog Action Day, Blog Action Day is an annual event held every year that unites bloggers from around the globe to post about one common issue or concern on the same day with the objective to create a community discussion around the common issue. While Blog Action Day 2008 was about ending poverty, [...]

Win a Thesis Theme this Thanksgiving

Today, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving Day and what better day to thank all of you for being such a wonderful and activity community. Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival. It's time to thank the harvest and express gratitude for well being. It's a holiday widely celebrated in Canada. YOU have made a difference to this blog [...]