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8 Great Twitter Tools Every Blogger Should Use

by amol238

With millions of monthly active users using the social media network, Twitter is a great place for bloggers to obtain as much audience as possible for their blogs.

Here are 8 great Twitter tools every blogger must know:

1) Audiense:
As the name sounds this tool will help you This tool will help you optimize your content. You can also analyze how your content is making plus suggestions on the best time to post your tweets. Besides all that you will also figure out new followers and those who are un-following. Check out audiense.com

2) SocialRank:
As a blogger, you will need influence. This tool will tell you the most influential users you have and help you engage them to increase your visibility. Check out social rank.

3) Twubs:
This will help you register your hashtag to help you create a community discussing an issue. It will also help view tweets from one spot. Check out twubs

4) Twitshot:
Your images can be shared on any platform for your Twitter audience. Have a look at twitshot

5) Tweriod:
Tweriod lets you examine the behavior of your followers, and see when you are most active. This is your time to schedule and post your best tweets. This will also ensure you have a complete view of your twitter followers tweriod

6) Triberr:
The greater your following, the higher will be the traffic numbers. Triberr involves ‘tribes’ concentrated on different topics. You can search and join a tribe and send out a tweet to the Tribe members. They shall approve, retweet or share it on Facebook, thus letting your content receive more traffic. Check out triberr

7) Paper.Li
A consistent flow of good quality content is important to keep your users interested. Paper.Li will let you identify influencers and experts in your niche, obtain tweets from people who mention you or your blog, and publish content every day to grab the right audience for your blog. Check out paper.li

8) UberSocial:
For bloggers to stay connected with their readers, UberSocial can help

This mobile marketing platform has the necessary tools and functionalities that lets you read and reply tweets, check profile, preview timeline and more.

For increasing user engagement, these 8 Twitter tools will help. Have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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