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Have you verified your account with Twitter ?

by amol238

Twitter verified account

Twitter is making it easy for you to verify your handles and make them more credible. Twitter today announced that it will allow anyone to apply to be verified. Once verified your twitter handle will get a small check mark making it a verified account.

Being verified ensures that your account is authentic and not spammy, it also give credibility to the account and can be identified as not being operated by a bot or appear trolley

Twitter allowed verification for celebs, politicians, musicians, sportsmen and other public profiles, these account were manually verified by twitter. Currently as per Twitter only 0.6% of 310 million twitter accounts are verified.

The intent is to make it easier for people to interact and connect with a wider audience of creators and influencers on the platform, thus driving more conversions.

The verified process has already started rolling out and should be completed by end of the week. I high recommend you to verify your handles, you can find more information about it here.

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